Extending mu4e to support many offlineimap accounts

As most of you will know by entering about any page in this website, I use Emacs regularly. In the last month I succeeded at setting up offlineimap + mu4e in my Debian laptop, so I no longer had to rely on getting home to use Thunderbird to read all my email in one place. And it had a bonus: mu4e is blazingly fast. Two keystrokes can get me to another account folder in a split second, and I keep all my shortcuts and text editing power of Emacs. Pressing M-q (fill-column) I can adjust my paragraphs width, and s (mu4e-headers-search) will filter all my emails by an expression immediately.

With this, the one and only reason why I still have Windows in my home computer is games. And even for that, Linux is incredibly improving.

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