Layered mountains: part II

A third snippet has been added to the Proving ground section: Round layered mountains. As the name says, it generates three round shapes which should resemble 2D mountains. It uses a very naïve combination of sine functions to achieve that effect.

Bad thing is, it's input is very limited (only the offsets of said shapes), because it's difficult to achieve something that looks good using this procedure, most results look artificial. However, all I wanted was to be able to do something similar to what I saw in this image from the Lost Garden's Fishing Girl Challenge. I am pretty sure that those are handmade, but simulating this kind of shapes is very interesting. I hope I can delve deeper into procedural generation to get a grip on how this could be done.

Now I want to be able to draw objects (like those trees in the image) which follow the slope of the shape, I figure it won't be difficult given how it is generated.